Founded in 2013, Sure Media Group is...


a communications firm that offers custom solutions including traditional public relations, marketing, and strategic consulting.

SMG infuses traditional practices with the construction of creative ideas to help enhance visibility through media, events and partnerships. 

Through active engagement, SMG is committed to developing a spectrum of messaging through creative, open and honest two-way communication.

We help our clients find their voice and make sure that voice is heard. 


The Mission of Sure Media Group is...


to help create a consistent message for your vision while helping to construct a social identity for your business, brand, idea, and/or product.


Policies & Standards


  • Adhering to the highest standards of truth in all communications between clients and the public
  • Providing honest and objective advice to our clients, and acting in our clients’ best interest
  • Representing our clients with integrity and fairness
  • Avoiding deceptive practices
  • Acting promptly to correct any error that we may inadvertently make
  • Restricting the giving or receiving of gifts and entertainment to those that are nominal, lawful and occasional
  • Respecting and preserving the intellectual property rights of our clients and of others
  • Respecting the privacy of our present, former, and prospective clients and other organizations we serve
  • Competing with other public relations firms fairly and ethically
  • Avoiding any real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest